Got Any Questions?

  • What devices does IPCloakAPI support?
    We support traffic coming in from Desktops & Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones with Small Screen, SmartPhones, iOS, Console, EReader, MediaHub, SmartWatch, and TV. We also support device specific APIs for hardware detection.
  • What is the average response time from your servers?
    We strive to serve a response in less than 100msec with a standard set of simple filters. The more filters you add for fine tuning your visitors, the more time it takes for your users to see a completely rendered web page.
  • Is traffic reported in real-time?
    Certainly! Real-time reporting is considered fundamental to a cloaker and a tracker. Our powerful database clusters allow you to view your traffic details in real-time. Additionally, you can view your campaigns' statistics, and download .csv reports. All in real-time.
  • Do you support IPv6?
    Yes, we support native IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Do you support integration with 3rd party trackers such as Voluum, Prosper, Imobi, CPVLab etc.?
    Yes, and you can also configure dynamic parameters passing with IPCloakAPI.
  • How often does IPCloakAPI get updated?
    IPCloakAPI is updated once every 30 minutes. We release periodic updates to keep your defenses powerful. As our client, you won't have to shell out extra for upgrades.
  • What kind of support you guys offer?
    Cloaking requies hand-on interaction, and hence we need personally prefer that attention be given to all clients. We offer live support via Skype (email is also an option, though we prefer chatting), and in some cases advising via TeamViewer.
  • What niches can I promote with IPCloakAPI?
    While we are niche-agnostic, we do have some exceptions and that includes prohibited niches that promote hacking, malware, illegal medication/acts, phishing, scams etc.
  • What do I need to get started ?
    All prospects are requested to apply for an account by signing up on the 'Sign Up' page. We'll go through your application, and approve your account. When approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Once you login, and make the payment, you will get access to our system.